As we can bring mobiles, landlines and our hosted phone system together on one network we can now offer hosted telephone systems.

Our hosted call routing platform is a secure online portal that offers unrivalled flexibility in managing your inbound calls. It is the core interface to all of Lakeside Telecom's Inbound Geographic & Non-Geographic Number Translation Service. Its easy-to-use features will help you:

  • Divert to company mobile or land lines FREE*
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Encourage customer loyalty and retention
  • Prepare a 'Plan B' for seamless disaster recovery
  • Stay in real-time control of your call routing plans


Our drag and drop interface allows you to enable and disable the features, and take full control of your organisation's call routing.

Calls can be routed to your company mobiles or to your company land lines.

Tailor your call plans
Call routing can be planned and 'designed' around your working hours, and can be changed instantly if necessary. Call handling preferences can be set and incoming traffic can be diverted in advance, so if someone tries to get in touch 'out of hours', they'll still be able to leave a message.

Access real-time statistics
Clear graphical data appears in real-time when you access MyInbound, helping you track calls and monitor marketing campaigns. You can gauge customer be ha vi our efficiently, react to call patterns and pro actively set plans based on historical data.

Control call queuing
By queuing incoming calls, you can manage busy periods more efficiently and take measures to reduce customer dissatisfaction. You can monitor 'live' service and change things at the click of a mouse to improve the flow of calls.

Add announcements
Engage with customers even when they're waiting to be connected, by uploading announcements or campaign messages. You could highlight opening hours, remind customers of your web address and tailor the announcement to a specific time of year such as Christmas.


Now that you know how passionate we are about improving communication through our advanced telecoms services, why not see how we can help and provide cost savings by integrating your business telecoms, mobiles, land lines and broadband.

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